Sunday, May 1, 2011

Houston We Have Bloggers

Happy Monday!

Just wanted to share with you a little about the Blogger meet up that was hosted by Megan, author of the blog Honey We're Home.  She was an absolute doll and a sweetheart and made us all feel like part of the gang!  It's amazing how blogging can bring folks together so easily!  

There were fifteen of us that were able to gather, here is a photo of us and aren't we all adorable!  hehe

I took tons and tons of photos and can you believe most of the photos I took didn't turn out! I was so disappointed with my photography skills that day, lol.  I'm over it now though because in the big picture that is a tiny problem to have. Here are a few of the photos I was able to salvage but please be sure to stop over at Megan's for more photos and while you are there have a look around she has a fabulous blog!

I look forward to getting to know these ladies via their blogs. I'm also excited that I live near a couple of the gals and so I hope to get to know them better!

You know you are hanging out with bloggers when more than two cameras are spotted, ha!

Laurel (Go Against the Grain) check this post HERE for photos of the adorable drink straw flags that Laurel was sweet enough to gift us, she has an etsy shop HERE

Please be sure to head over to Megan's blog HERE for more photos and a full list of those that attended with more links. I hope you get a chance to visit these ladies they have amazing blogs and share some great stuff!

I handed out some goodies to the girls and included in that was a print "Embrace your Humanity" created by my friend Alisa Holland which can be found HERE (credit was called out to Alisa and her blog addy was shown on the printed piece) the girls loved it and so wanted to leave you a link to Alisa's blog.  Alisa is such a talented woman and such an inspiration. When I saw this piece she created I knew that the girls would love it and it was my hope that they would stop by and visit Alisa's blog to get to know her, you should too.


Go Against The Grain said...

yeah! was so glad to finally meet you!!

Unknown said...

Hi Nancy! It was great to meet you and I look forward to keeping up with you girl! So fun!

amy d said...

What a fun lunch! Thanks for including me :) Happy to keep up and keep in touch!


Lauren said...

It was so great getting to meet you on Saturday! Love your blog, hopefully we can all get together again!

Amanda said...

awww your pics are cute!! Mine didnt turn out at all! I am sooo camera-dumb its sad.
It was so fun Sat. and cant wait till we do it again!!

Elsa said...

It was so nice meeting you! I hope we get together again soon.

Leslie Anne Avila said...

WHat about me? lol Living way over here in Georgetown. Where's the love? jk
I'm finally getting crafty again, sort of! I've been in a funk lately. So today I just played around and painted.
That's so great that you've met all those bloggers. I think that getting together was a neat thing to do.
ANyways, I'm totally up to going in June. Let's do the Friday to Saturday thing. Okay, I'm off. Hope you're having an awesome day.

emily said...

It was so nice meeting you last weekend! And thanks for bringing the goodies!