Friday, January 7, 2011

My upcoming class projects

Well, these next three months will be it for teaching for me, I'm taking a break!  Not sure when and if I will get back to teaching as it drained me and was hard for me since I have a full time job.  It seemed like I couldn't get myself to do all the prep work weeks or months ahead because I wanted to be sure I was using the most current lines at the times I was teaching.  The LSS where I teach is fairly new and I hated to leave but she recently had a bunch of teachers sign on when the other LSS where we all used to teach closed down.  So, decided it was time for me to be TRUE to myself and get back to creating for myself.  I'm excited, it won't be till March however as the new teachers came over the week before we had to comit to the upcoming months and so I had already said I would do this round.  I am tired and ready for the break and look forward to going there as a "regular" customer!  I can't not go there because the owner is AMAZING and a sweetheart and really good people!!  Plus she has a great set up and so starting this month a few of us gals are going to start having a friday night crop there to have fun and create whatever it is we feel like working on :)

OK, so here are the projects I will be teaching, designing is much harder when you are going to charge folks!  Sorry for the photo quality but took them in the wee week hours so terrible lighting!
Front of box, holds 12 mini (4x4) albums

These are some of the decorated mini albums.

Recipe Mini album and clipboard

Mini album that can be Valentines if customer so wishes or not.

Forgot to add the ribbon to that tag!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


Arlene said...

I better get in on something fast!

Kiera said...

I felt that same way a couple of years ago. Adopting Noah seemed like the perfect time to be me again and not a instructor at our local scrapbook store... I haven't looked back since...

Hand Me a Stamp said...

These all look great Nancy!

Melanie said...

Oh Nancy, they are all wonderful. I love the first one and the one with the clipboard.

Nancy Wyatt said...

Arlene- Would love to have you in one of my classes but we can always create even when I'm not teaching :)

Kiera- Yes, I'm tired.

Courtney- Thanks!

Thanks my Jingle buddy!!

Thanks Melanie!!