Sunday, December 12, 2010

Black and White for Christmas

These two adorable girls are one of my friends twin girls Addie and Chloe, aren’t they adorable!  We took some pictures Friday after work for her to use for this years Christmas card.  This is the first year that the photo will be black and white with a bit of color.  The road we took the photos on was a road to a water treatment facility next to her neighborhood, who would have thunk it!  There was a guy working and was walking down the road and got in our photoshoot!  The nerve ;) he made it into the photo below between the girls way off in the distance, but I photoshopped him out!  I almost didn’t realize it and it would have driven us crazy if we had printed the photos then found him! 

I’m lucky enough to be their official birthday invite maker and a couple of years now their Christmas photo photographer.  This makes me happy, love them and love doing little things like this for them.  At the end of the photo shoot one of the girls was getting very irritable and we were done!  Awe, the joys of having part time kids and then handing them back, hehe.  I love my part time twins ;)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, I sure did!

The first two are the ones she will be using for her Christmas card :)

Girls 1  GIRLS 2  And this one is one of our favorites to be used on a mini calendar.GIRLS 3


Lindzie said...

Love it!

LollyChops said...

hahaha... the part time with twins thing made me LOL! I totally get that!

Love these pics Nancy! Beautiful job!


Melanie said...

You are doing a great job with your photography. I love the one of them walking away. You lined it up perfectly. Good job!

Nancy Wyatt said...

THanks sweet friends!

Leslie Anne Avila said...

Hey girlfriend! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for leaving me a little bloggers <3! Your photos are beautiful I want to encourage you to take on Project 365 in 8 days! A photo a day for a year!
Blessings to you~