Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Necklace Part 2

Well, not sure how many are planning on playing along, I’m guessing lots of folks are busy getting ready for Thanksgiving however our contest ends Dec 5th so there is still plenty of time!  It actually should only take you an hour to put your necklace together at least that is what it took me. I wanted to share with you all the first entry and it’s a BEAUTIFUL necklace created by my friend Barbara.  She ordered the Nov Girls Loft Kit and then gathered some pieces together to create this lovely necklace and a matching ring!  She totally ROCKED it don’t you think!!

Great job Barbara!!  You can click on the photo to see it in a much larger size, hope you will join us in this fun and easy event, details can be found HERE.

barbara D necklace with ring

If you have any questions for Barbara be sure to leave a comment as she is a regular follower of the blog and I’m sure would be happy to answer any questions you may have!  Hope you had a great weekend and that your Thanksgiving plans are coming together with ease ;)  I’m hosting at my home as usual so have lots going on here.  Incase you don’t stop by before the holiday I just want to say thanks again for coming to visit me here and may you and yours have a splendid Thanksgiving if you are in the states celebrating ;)

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