Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Spark Baby!!

I hope you are not tired of my mentioning Spark but I am so excited to go and meet the digital rockstar “Rhonna Farrer” along with Elizabeth Kartchner and the adorable and sweet Margie Romney-Aslett!  I am also excited to be meeting some friends that I have met over this wonderful world of internet blogging and social networking!  I will be posting photos via my cell phone on Facebook and twitter for those of you who are connected to me via those avenues :)  Hope to get back to some better blogging when I return and I will be sure to share all that I learned and experienced!  For now go read up here to see who all is teaching as there are more than just those I have named above and to see all the fun sneak peeks they have shared!  Utah I’m heading your way!!!


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