Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dallas Day Part 2

Well, as previously mentioned when Courtney and I went to Dallas this past Saturday we took two classes.  Our first class was in the AM at Scrappers Boutique with Lolly Chops making Edna the Owl which I decided to name mine Lolly after sweet Lolly Chops.  Then we went for a yummy Vietnamese lunch with Lolly and then quickly drove off to attend class two with Janet Hopkins and made a flower and mini album.  When I say mini I do mean mini it was like 3x3 I think, cute too.  Not sure what I will put in it but for now it is in it’s holder which is a frame and along with the mini album is a flower we created.  It was totally cute and fun to make.  The flower is one that I can actually wear and when I’m not sporting it, it will go back into it’s cute shadow box till I’m ready to wear it again.




Unknown said...

That is so adorable! Btw, thanks for the comment on my girl's mag cover.

Kathleen said...

beautiful!!! I am sure it was fun!!

Rita Barakat said...

This is gorgeous! You take the most neautiful pics!

Melanie said...

I likey the frame. Pretty!