Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Friends Coming My Way

It is so past my bed time and I have a full day tomorrow!  I am going to meet 12 women who I could possibly get a chance to create with over the next few months!  I have all my goodies packed up and just about to head to bed but had to blog a bit since I’ve been slacking! 

Here is a sneak peek of what I have been up to!

P6177947 P6177964

I promise to share more on these projects next weekend! 

And can I just say that I absolutely am blessed with a wonderful man for a husband! He spoils me with unconditional love, compliments, his time, his commitment to me!  My birthday is coming up on Monday and he planned a wonderful date night for us tonight (Saturday).  He is taking me to dinner and to a ballet! Yep, a ballet and NO, I didn’t ask him to take me, never ever mentioned it but he just knew it would be something I would like and always wants to make my birthday (any occasion actually) special!  He also surprised me with one of these, and yet again I never mentioned I wanted one but he wanted me to have one. He knows what a gadget freak I am and now I can blog anywhere anytime, my storm is not blogging friendly. What a sweet love bug he is! (tissue please)


iPad Wi-fi 3G


Yvonne said...

Hello there friend! Hope you have the most amazing birthday ever, and I am so happy you have such a guy that spoils you!!! I am sure you deserve it!!! Hope you enjoy the ballet and dinner with your hubby and WOW the Ipad that it totally awesome!!! Can't wait to see more details the book looks fabulous!

Melanie said...

Wee bit jealous over that pretty gift you got:)