Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Full Day

Hoping you are having a great weekend so far!  Saturday I met lots of great ladies at my LSS, hopefully I will being seeing many of them again soon in one of my future classes.  The Make and Takes went quick and although I don’t feel that I got to share my true style and love in my make and take I still enjoyed it.  I’m hoping tomorrow is another successful day as my hubby and I are heading to Warrenton TX to do some junking at a really huge flea market that is held twice a year.  I hope to come home with some things for my home and some great things to work into my future classes and my own craft projects.  Don’t have any photos to share with you, the day went by way too quickly and there was no time for picture taking.  Hoping to get some good photos tomorrow while shopping in Warrenton and maybe even get some Bluebonnet pics if we are lucky.  And so that I don’t post without a photo here are some photos from last years trip to Warrenton.  I missed going with my friend Deborah (she let me know she came back today with some great finds)  this year since I had to teach today, hoping the hubby enjoys it as much as I know I will.  Ciao for now friends!  :) 

 P3283653 P3283655 P3283660 P3283670


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