Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday, Part 2

Well, I braved the stores so that I could get some digital files printed and to my dismay they didn’t turn out in the colors that I set them up as.  I was disappointed and not sure if my friends will like what the printer did print out?  Odd thing is, here in my studio the colors look ok, so maybe it was the fluorescent lights at the store that blew them out of whack? I’ve decided to print out some copies here, they aren’t as shiny as the printer but they look good for an ink jet printer.  We will have options if anything, so I got some DVR time just before I came back into my craft studio to work, I watched last nights episode of Ugly Betty. YEP, I like Ugly Betty and I enjoyed it, it’s sort of silly but it helps me relax.  Hope to work on my Christmas Journal tonight as well so hopefully I can share some photos with you tomorrow.  Have a great Saturday evening!  Go Horns!

I’m leaving you with the photo for my day 2 of my Christmas journal, my hubby did some shopping for my niece and I while I was at work this past week.  Look at how great a job he did on wrapping! Puts me to shame, oh and he picked out all the wrapping too!



Brittany said...

I love the gift wrap!
The hubs outdid himself!I'm impressed! :)


Melanie said...

I am like Brittany....LOVING the paper. How sweet that he shopped and wrapped the gift.

Congrats Longhorns.