Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Inspiring Photographers

I have been following many photographers and let me tell you there are some talented women out there folks! One of my favorites is Karen Russell and you can find here by clicking here to see Karen's Blog.  She takes incredible photos of her family and just recently shared some photos of a bride and groom that turned out amazing.  Please visit her blog when you have time!

And then tonight I found out about a Texas photographer, Johanna McShan that is out of Austin that is also so very talented! I am going to add her logo to my sidebar so that folks can link to her at any time! She did the bridal session for a friend of mine, Stephanie.  You will be amazed at the awesome shots she got! How I wish I had known of this photographer when I was getting married! I think that my hubby and I need to go see her for a photo session to celebrate our upcoming second wedding anniversary! haha.  Go check out Johanna by clicking here Johanna's Blog.   Ciao for now!

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Amanda said...

She's not in Texas, but she's in Colorado and her business is called Real Photography... I love it, adore her (and hubby Nic's) work. Google it and check out her blog for fantastic photos!