Sunday, May 3, 2009

Heidi Swapp

Hi All! Hope you had time to create on Saturday, National Scrapbooking Day! Did you know that was a holiday? A great one if you ask me, there were all sorts of sales in shops and online so and many are still going on all weekend. So, today I awoke early and decided to make a small 4x6 mini album for my photos and autographs of the ladies from House of 3! Today I met the Wonderful, Beautiful, Special, Talented and Funny Heidi Swapp. She was at By Design in Houston, TX. She taught a special event Friday, Saturday morning and Saturday night. The package cost $200 for both days and included dinner and it sold out in 2 days! Unfortunately I did not get to sign up for it. How sad! But, she had a demo scheduled from 1:30 to 3:00 for the customers that stopped in on Saturday. I convinced my DH to drive down to Clear Lake with me then we would go for an early dinner at the Kemah Boardwalk. If you are not familiar with our town, Clear Lake is on the South side of Houston as you head out to Galveston. This meant that we had at least a 45 minute drive as we live on the North side of town. Anyway, she was worth it and my DH was great about sitting in the store while I watched Heidi create. She did some amazing pages and told us about her Grandfather who was an artist, unfortunately he didn't get to see what a great Artist and accomplished business woman she turned out to be. Well, I think he did, just not here with us. I was so excited that she took a photo with me, hugged me and signed my little book! I was so star struck! I actually had butterflies in my tummy as we drove up to the store, LOL. I know, I'm a geek!

Here are photos of some of her creations, I bought two of the kits she taught this weekend, so excited to create with them!

I will be back later with photos of the mini album I created using all digital files from House of 3 since it is in their honor! I need to do some additonal work to it and take better photos. I will also be posting photos of the store, By Design which you will want to see! I'll leave you with a photo of the Kemah Boardwalk for now. Ciao!

*Edited in: I have loaded more photos in Facebook so if you have me loaded as a friend you can check them out there. If you are on Facebook but haven't added me yet, feel free to invite me to be your friend!


Brittany said...

You're a scrappy rock star! It is too cool that you got Heidi's sig and a picture with her! It looks like so much fun.
I thought about you as I was leaving the Silpada party. It was almost 2:30, and I didn't figure I could get there in time.

I ordered the 3 sets of wall art from Ho3. And, the Glitz Cd. You do realize that you are an enabler, right?! ...I love it! :)

Hugs, Friend!

The Stylish House said...

Hi Nancy,
Wow this looks like a great workshop! Heidi, is one together lady.
Nancy, it is always such fun to visit your blog, it is filled with great ideas and inspiration. Have a beautiful Sunday. ~Cathy~

Missy said...

Had no idea this was a Holiday! The pics are great and so is your blog!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

How EXCITING! What a great husband you have ;)

Eli said...

Looks like you had fun! That boardwalk looks like my kind of place for a relaxing dinner and stroll.

Jackie said...

Hi, Nancy - love your blog! I have been wanting to create one, but just don't have the time. This is wonderful, love your room, your blogs all of it.

Anne said...

Hi, Nancy! Very cool! Glad you got to see Heidi in person! :-)

Aimeslee Winans said...

Hey, Nancy, looks like you know the BEST place to eat at, LOLOL. Yup, it's my favorite, too! Let's see, is my favorite Salt Grass? Babins? Landrys? Really hard to choose, that's why we go a lot! hehe winkwink Aaaannd, it's only a short 15 minutes for us, ha-ha! winkwink


Laura said...

Nancy, how lucky for you to get to have this experience. I havent been to By Design, but have wanted to. Your blog has always reminded me of the pictures I've seen of their shop.