Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sneak Peek - It's almost ready!

Hope your Saturday is going well! I have been working on getting my craft studio set up just like I want it. Here is a sneak peek, please excuse the make shift rug under the chair! Also, I still need to hang curtains and my DH will need to go around the room and install quarter round where the floor meets with the base board. Of course I couldn't wait, not sure when he will be able to get to it so for now I'm fine with it as is. Ciao for now!


Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Looking great! Looks so it! This could be a Met Monday post with a few before pics thrown in! :-)

Anne said...

Looks nice! I love that you can look out a window from your desk! :-)

Anonymous said...

wow looks very good! how exciting! I cant wait till im at that stage!