Friday, January 23, 2009

Teresa Collins Picked Me!

I was checking in on my favorite blogs and as I read Teresa Collins blog I came across my name! Yeah!!! I left a comment on her blog the other day in hopes of winning some of her fabulous new stuff and I did! What is funny is that I was in my cube at work, most had left for lunch already and so when I read my name I let out a shreak that I Yep, someone heard me and so I had to share my news. I know, I am such a scrapin geek! But, her stuff is to die for! I would have bought it and will end up buying more of what she is gifting me. It is just so much fun to win and see your name on the blogs, hehe. And it is super exciting when you win stuff from awesome creaters like Teresa! If you don't know her then please take the time to check her blog out as she has some incredible stuff!

And, if you visit the blogs and they are giving away some "Blog Candy" as they usually call it you should totally leave a comment! It doesn't take long and you don't have to have your own blog! You just have to be sure to remember to go visit it again to see if you were the lucky winner! Click here to be taken to the post showing what all I won! We hope to get carpet installed soon so as soon as I get moved back into my craft studio I will start creating once again! Have a great weekend!

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Tardevil said...

Congrats on your win. Now I've got to go & see what you won b/c I'm nosey! :O) I've never been to her blog.