Monday, January 5, 2009

Organization Here I Come

Just wanted to share photos with you of my new re-vamped closet. I am so excited about it that I started moving my things into it. Here is what I came up with for now, I will most likely have to move things around once I get more of my things back into the room. The great thing about the closet is that it has movable shelves so I can tweek them to my exact liking. Oh how I love my sweet, talented husband! He built it all himself, none of the shelves are pre-made. The only thing that we used pre-made was the hardware. This meant lots of painting but in the end it was worth it. Although I did whine about it and we did get help from my sis so that was helpful.
For now the only two areas in my studio that I can put stuff in is the closet and the bookcase. Since we are going to get carpet installed (soon I hope) I will have to wait on moving my desks in. Once I do get my workspace back I will have a better idea as to what I need stored in the closet and what needs to remain near my work area. I am also contemplating getting new tables so we will see how it comes along. Hope you had a great holiday and that your first week of the new year is a great one! Ciao for now.

p.s. I merged two shots of the closet into each photo below so hopefully it isn't confusing.


Anne said...

Ooooh! Congratulations! Looks like a fantastic gift ... the gift of organization! :-)

Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous New Year!

Mrs. Limestone said...

Wow, so organized. Can you come over and sort out my supply closet???