Friday, December 5, 2008

Hello All

Hope you had a great week! I am behind on the last two tags so I won't be posting those till next week along with tags 6,7 and others. Don't have time this weekend as we will be back to home repairs...oh joy. Just wanted to share a photo of two sweetie pies, check out the blog header, aren't they adorable! I made the signs with my cricut, I think I will now cut some holes in the signs and run ribbon through them and hang it on the wall. What is funny is that one of the girls bow was too far back and not visible so I copied the one you could see and pasted it on to the one without the bow. There are a few other things that I photoshop'd out and it turned out pretty good if you ask me. I will post a pic of the sign once I put it together with ribbon. Ciao for now!

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Joan Ervin said...

Awww, what a couple of cutie pies!!! Love the sign you made, will look great as a wall hanging!!