Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Christmas Gift

Hope you have had a great week! It seems to have dragged out for me and work has been quite stressful this week. I am hoping to take off the the week of Christmas but next weeks work load will help decide this. So, a gift was delivered to me today from my sister in law Gay who lives in Odessa Texas. She makes quilts and when we visited her back in June I saw some of her work and fell in love with it! Little did I know that she drew my name for the Christmas gift exchange! Lucky me because this beautiful quilt is all mine! Who knew a quilt could make a girl cry. I truly am blessed to be part of the Wyatt family, they really welcomed me to the family and made me feel loved.

So, she sent me this gift early so that I could enjoy it during the holidays and boy am I right now as I type! We still don't have heat, the exhaust hasn't been hooked up since that darn IKE hit. My DH had taken over my store bought blanket and so now I have my very own.

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Joan Ervin said...

WOW!! What a beautiful Christmas will treasure it always!!!