Monday, December 15, 2008

All Me.....well the ceiling fan installs

Just wanted to show you the two new ceiling fans that I installed, yes me, all by myself! Finally, something my DH has never done so he left it to me to do. Don't you just love the black fan in my studio! We added the medallion above it, oh he did hang that for me and even sprayed it black. I am now considering painting my bookshelf black, we will see. I am also trying to plan out a new layout. I want to put my work table in the middle of the room and add some additional counter space to have my cricut and purple cow on so to not crowd my work space. Also, the closet is being revamped so I will have a ton more storage in there too! There is lots of painting still left to do. I did prep work like filling the nail holes and then following that up with primer so that the paint would take to the painters putty. We worked in the guestroom too, lots of prep work, install of crown and baseboards and revamping the closet as well. Now that we have lights in both rooms we can paint the closets and trim during the week after work. What? Christmas, oh yes and we need to finish our shopping and tidy up the living room for my family's visit on the 25th. My last load of laundry calls so gotta run, hope your Monday starts out well! Ciao for now.

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Joan Ervin said...

Wowzer, you are da bomb, girl!!! I am in awe of your ability to hang that ceiling fan....WOW!!!