Friday, September 19, 2008

Then there was light........

Well, we are up and running again! It was such a great sight to see yesterday all the electricians in our neighborhood! Then they all left and still no light but when we awoke this morning there was power and boy were we glad! Today I had planned on going into the office however we had lots of contractors coming by so had to stick around the casa today. On Monday I will be back to work as usual and to tell you the truth I will be glad to get back to my old routine! I did lots of cleaning today and laundry and then I spent some time setting up my studio in the formal dining room. So, for the next couple of months I will be creating in the dining room, the good side of this is that I can watch TV while I work. My DH is not as crazy about the set up, he knows how I love to use my Cricut and so he will hear that going now and then, OK he will hear it a lot! Well, gotta get back to it. Ciao for now.

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