Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Birthday

Hope you are having a great weekend! We slept in and believe it or not we didn't climb out bed till almost noon! My DH did get up and make me coffee, he is so good to me! He has spent most of the day working with his manager so I've been home alone since 1pm! I ran some errands, had to pick up a last minute birthday gift for my sweetie. I went a little overboard, but it his Bday and he spoils me all the time so I totally can't help but spoil him back! I had some ideas of what to get him, thought a GPS would be totally cool then we heard about folks getting their cars broken into for them so that was out the window. I know, just hide it when we leave the truck right! Hmmm, not sure my sweetie would do that, you know how boys are, lol. Well, he did give me a list of things he really wanted and so off I went. I got him some Neoprene seat covers for his new truck, a phone cover for his blackberry, an Atlas of Texas, a couple of seasons of one of his favorite shows "Cheers" and a gift card for Itunes. And NO he won't see this blog so I don't have to worry about him seeing this although he went searching for gifts one day and found some so he knows about three of the items called out above. Note to self, must hide his gifts at mom's house in the future! He loves funny cards so I ended up picking up a store bought card, then I saw another card that was even funnier so grabbed card two today. And I couldn't pass up making him a card too so that is what you see in today's post. I know the colors aren't too fun but it is SO hard making a masculine card! So, figured that these colors would help with that and I think it worked, although I couldn't resist adding some glitter, hehe. And if any of you are wondering how long it takes to make a simple card like this, it took me 30mins. I could make duplicates quicker but the first card always takes longer, have to think up the design then my anal side comes in and I have to make sure it all is straight and cute, lol. The inside of the card holds his itunes gift card, that turned out cool too! Well, enjoy the rest of your evening and we'll see ya soon. Ciao!

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