Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why Not?

This one will make my good friend Christina G laugh and you too! So, a couple of years ago I bought some damask packing tape. I hadn't used it since it came home with me from the Nutcracker Market! Well, this weekend while shopping at my local Krogers I picked up a new container of baby wipes. Baby Wipes you ask? I know, I know, I don't have kids but I do have stamps! I have made baby wipes my stamp cleaner of choice. Well, since I ran out of my SU stamp cleaner and I have been too lazy to order more. Anyway, so since I am such a DIVA, lol I decided to pull off the baby wipes label and dress up the container with my packing tape and some extra paper scraps. So, here it is my baby wipes dispenser! It will be easy to refill and so I will only have to decorate this container. You know you LOVE IT! Admit it! LOL

Well, off to bed I go, have a great Monday. Ciao for now.

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Ocean Hammock Residents said...

Nancy - thanks for stopping by my new blog!!! From what I've seen of your home page, it is going to be a real treat looking around. I have some old yellowed scrapbooks that maybe I could redo....hmmmmm!