Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday's Project

Well, I finally tried out my new Zutter Binder and boy is it cool! It took a little trial and error, unfortunately I used a new Teresa Collins Bracket Binder to try it out and I goofed. I didn't want the covers to go to waste so I cut them down and made a small "Me" book. The shape looked like an N to me and so that is how I came up with my theme. I am most proud that I finished the book in a total of 3hrs at most. I actually cut out the cover and inside pages yesterday. I needed some time to get inspired and so tonight I took on the challenge and go it all done. I don't usually like to use my hand writing but I did this time and so there are a few goofs but it is all part of creating I say. Well, hope you had a great weekend and that your week is a great one! Ciao for now.

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Anonymous said...

Nancy: Your little book looks so cute! You do such a great job.... love the shabby looking chandelier!