Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just a hello

Hello friends, I often wonder if folks stop in and read my blog? I added the counter and so it does appear that some do drop by :) I am trying to learn new ways to engage my readers and so I will be adding new items to my blog more often. I so love meeting other bloggers that share my interests! Some of my friends think I'm such a geek for doing this but I do love it! I am also asked how I find others that are like me and I tell them it's is so very easy! I haven't tried any type of search engine, I simply go to the blogs I like and have come across by accident then I check out who they like to visit. And from there I meet many new friends, of course they often don't know I'm there but I do try and leave comments as I know I love receiving comments on my blog.

So, one of my new friends has asked me to make some birthday gifts for her to give a couple of friends. I will be working in my Pinkalicious Studio all weekend! Yeah!! I have been given the task of making a birthday card for two bday girls. Then I will make each of them an assortment of cards ie. birthday, thank you's and congrats or something like that. I am looking forward to it and so I will be sure to share what I make with you. I plan on borrowing some ideas from other blogger friends and also will do my best to come up with my own designs as I do love to come up with my own creations! I really want to get published and so that means I need to really try hard to come up with some cute unique cards. I have seen some incredible detailed cards out there and I do love them! However, I know that many of us have busy schedules and so I want to come up with cards that are good looking yet easy to make!

One last note, I made it on
Jeanette's blog again, yeah!! She makes me feel like a star, hehe. Be sure to click on her name to check out her awesome style and ideas and she also has links to other great bloggers!

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