Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June Birthdays.....Summer Fun!

Hello All! Well the month of June brings many birthdays for me, my dear friend Gina is on the 7th then there is my friend Brad on the 12th and then Kara and Kelly on the 13th! Then on to Lori on the 20th and mine on the 21st and then Judy brings up the rear on the 29th. Happy Birthday to you all! Tonight, my sweetie and I met our friends Kara/Brad, and Christina/Roy at Chuy's in The Woodlands! We had some great drinks and great food too! It was a great time, mostly they made fun of how dingy I have become since I became a Mrs. he he. My sweet friends gave me a charm each for my Pandora Bracelet. I got a sweet little girl that represents Kara and Brad's twin girls Addie and Chloe. And Christina and Roy gave me a suitcase charm as they are quite the travelers. It is so cool to look at my bracelet and be reminded of my loved ones! Then when Andy and I got home he decided to give me my birthday gift early, after all it's only 3 days away and who am I to tell him no :)
He is such a sweetheart!! He knew exactly what I wanted, OK so I did mention a couple of months ago a few items that I would like someday but it was he who did the choosing. Here is what my sweetie got me! Isn't he the best!! As always you can click on the pink words to follow the links.

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