Friday, May 30, 2008

So much talent out there!

I am amazed every day how so many women out there are so talented and that they are so wonderful in wanting to share their tips, and ideas. I am a member of a great site called Card of the Week that was started by Susanna Boyd. I can't recall how I found her site, I'm sure it was through another talented ladies site. I find myself checking her blog every day, my friend Kara thinks I'm such a dork for doing this but there are so many great people out there to learn from. The card shown above Make a Big Splash by Amy Rysavy at Prairie Paper and Ink is awesome and one of many great cards that are out there for us to learn from. It was featured on Susanna's blog today, when you have time please check out her blog Barefoot Stamper, she gives out links to other wonderful women who make incredible cards, stationary and other things as well. Incase you didn't realize it, you can click on the pink bold words to follow the links. Have a great weekend!

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