Monday, May 12, 2008

Is Organization bordering on obsession?

So, in my quest to be organized I find myself wanting and wanting and wanting. Today I had no lunch buddies to eat with so I decided to make a trip to Michael's. After all I did find a 50% off coupon in this Sunday's paper, it was in the Parade magazine. I rarely look at that unless I see something or someone of interest on the cover and this time I did. Who? I can't recall, lol, but I did find the coupon and that was so cool! For some time now I have been eyeing the Making Memories Embellishment Center. I was so undecided only because I kept focusing on their use of the center. The main product that stuck out to me were the bottles of paint, in so many nice colors too! So I would often tell myself that I didn't have the need for it but then it hit me, I was over thinking it! Hello! I can use it for other items as well! So, today was the day that I was meant to buy it and so I did. It was meant to be, really it was, so many other times that I would walk into the store they didn't have any but today they did. And so in the trunk it went and then after dinner with my DH and my parents I came home and hung it. And so then it hit me, is my quest of organization bordering on obsession? LOL

Oh, one other thing that I did buy last week at Target that was too cute to pass up was the cuckoo clock made of black acrylic. This one was not on sale but it wasn't too much and it was begging to be hung up in my sweet pink room that I do love so! And in the process of taking it out of the box I broke off two small pieces at the bottom, oh well.

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