Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Craft Room

Before I met my husband I lived in an adorable condo near my old stomping grounds of my high school days. I was in heavin, or so I thought then I met Andy fell in love got married and moved to Conroe, TX. What was sweet was that even before I visited my future home, Andy was enticing me with the promise of my own Craft room in his home, or should I say "our" future home. So, here is a picture of my work area during our first Christmas together. We had our main tree in the living room which is at the back of the house. So, I couldn't resist putting up a tree in my craft room too, after all how else would the neighbors be able to enjoy a tree and I had all those pink ornaments from a prior year. Ok, so I'm a Christmas Decorating nut, I admit it!

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